Tom Dolan peraih medali emas Olimpiade

Tom Dolan
Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder, and Asthma Sufferer

At 6'6" and 180 pounds, Dolan has the perfect body for a world-class swimmer but he suffers from extreme allergies and asthma. His unusually narrow windpipe allows him to handle only 20% as much air as the average person and most drugs commonly used to treat similar conditions are banned in international competitions.

But Tom won't let that stop him from achieving his goals. He knows he must have some other type of relief. Breathing clean air is absolutely essential. Tom knows full well that allergens and pollutants in the home can trigger asthma attacks.


That's why Tom uses the FILTERQUEEN DEFENDER at home and in his room in the Olympic Village.
- The DEFENDER room air cleaner helps remove allergens and irritants from the air so that he can lead a more normal life

- Pollen, dust, noxious fumes, and dander are just a few of the irritants that Tom no longer has to deal with because FILTERQUEEN protects his home.

"Winning the Olympic gold medal feels great," said Tom, "but nothing feels better than knowing that my family and I are breathing cleaner, healthier air in our home."

DR. B.P. LAUGHRIDGE adalah Dokter Bedah Cardiovascular dengan pengalaman 28 Tahun dan masih aktif berpraktek. DIA adalah seorang sarjana Eropa dan telah menulis beberapa article yang telah diterbitkan dalam berbagai Jurnal Medis. Dia selalu memotivasi orang dengan pendekatan holistik untuk hidup sehat dan untuk menyadari bahwa gaya hidup sehat adalah jauh lebih baik daripada pengobatan medis.

DR. B.P. LAUGHRIDGE is a Distinguished Cardiovascular surgeon with 28 years of active practice experience. He is a European Fullbright scholar and has authored multiple articles that have been published in a variety of Medical Journals.
He has always encouraged people to take a holistic approach to good health-and to realize that a conscientious lifestyle is far superior to any pill or medical procedure.

Dr Peter Dingle

Doctor Recommended

Doctor of Environmental Toxicology from Murdoch University has evaluated the Filter Queen against many other brands. He states, "As a result of it's superior qualities I now only use Filter Queen in my research. Every time we collect samples of dust we use the Filter Queen because it is highly efficient in removing dust from surfaces and does not decontaminate the air.

Dr Peter Dingle from Murdoch University, recently stated on A Current Affair:
"If you want a healthy home Filter Queen is the best."

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