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Independent Laboratory Tests have shown the FilterQueen MAJESTIC to be extremely effective at removing pet dander and dust mites from the home.

This Cart, taken from conclusions from a aboratory test conducted at Case Western Reserve University, clearly indicate that the FilterQueen can provide significant relief for allergy sufferers by removing the source of their allergies.



  • Filters all pollutants.
  • Releases clean air as this medium will remove particles as small as 0.0001 micron in size with efficiency up to 99.98% at 0.1 micron
  • Maintains airflow and ensure continuous strong suction
  • Filters are disposable, thereby helping to prevent growth of microorganisms
  • Includes various cleaning tools with multiple functions
  • Saves time, saves cost, save energy, is safe to use and long-lasting
FilterQueen Majestic
  1. Deflector Plate creates a centrifugal force that throws dirt to the sides of the container, away from the cone-shaped filters

  2. Cyclonic action also allows smaller particles to bond with bigger particles. Dust and dirt is separated from the air before it impacts the filters. This action prevents the clogging up of filters, ensures air flow is maintained and maximizes cleaning ability at all times. This action also helps prolong the filterís lifespan

  3. Cellupure Pre-Filter - Non-woven cellulose fibres filter particles down to 2 microns in size to keep the majority of dust particles away from the MEDI pure filter

  4. MEDI PURE Filter (Outer Layer) - The outer filter is made of activated charcoal media that removes up to 300 noxious odours and gases

  5. MEDIPURE Filter (Inner Layer) - The inner filter is a web of micro-fiber tested to remove 99.98% of contaminants

  6. The inside layer of the MEDIPURE  filter will always remain hospital white no matter how many times it is used. This shows that the air which is released back into the environment is clean and will not create dust storms

Facts on Ordinary Vacuum Cleaners

  • Ordinary vacuums trap large dust particles, but not the tiny ones.
  • Dust and germs are spewed back into your home's air invisible and insidious.
  • Dust and germs seep out through seams and porous dust bags.

 Direct Flow (Bag and other systems)

  • Do Not release clean air or filter all particles as bag pores allow smaller particles to escape

  • Air flow cannot be maintained as microscopic particles clog the pores of the bag, thus reducing air flow and affecting the cleaning ability of vacuum cleaners

  • Bags act as a breeding ground for microorganisms - According to Dr. Peter Dingle, world renowned air pollutant specialist, "Airborne dust levels in homes are 2 to 10 times higher after vacuuming and each new bag system becomes inefficient within 10 minutes."

Kantung Debu (Tempat penampung dan sistem lainnya)     Kantung Debu (Tempat penampung dan sistem lainnya)



  • DO NOT filter all particles
  • DO NOT release clean air as water fails to capture non-water-soluble dust particles
  • Need to change water after every usage to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground

Berbasis air, TIDAK menyaring semua partikel

Water based systems only traps wetable particles and non wetable particles escapes through the bubbles. As most water based systems comes attached with a HEPA filter, the system will lose its cleaning efficiency at the point of the filter medium which is similar to the conventional bag type cleaners mentioned above.


HEPA Filters

  • HEPA filtration systems do not filter all particles and have been tested to only be able to filter particles sized 0.3 micron and above. However, 98,5% of particles are smaller than 0.3 micron


HEPA Filter
  • Ordinary paper or cloth vacuum cleaner bags trap only large chunks of dirt but meanwhile they fling dust, mites, and allergens back into your home.

HEPA Filter
  • Then the bag is clogged with large dirt particles and "vacuuming" no longer works (neither air nor dust and dirt can be drawn in because the "vacuum" has lost its power.

Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology

This type of vacuum cleaner:
In fact some vacuum cleaners that are DII market was concerned with health, but not all effective.
It also includes a vacuum cleaner that uses water as a filter media.
Research : Judith MB ChB et al, The effect of vacuum cleaners on the concentration and particle size distribution Of airbone cat allergen.
Journal of Alergy and Clinical Immunology 1993: 91: 829 - 37

Ordinary Vacuum cleaners DO NOT RELEASE CLEAN AIR and CREATE DUST STORMS while you clean because smaller particles escape and fine particles are redistributed all over your home on food, furniture, carpets etc. the smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is because it can stay airborne up to 140 days and will most likely enter your lungs and bloodstream when you inhale it in, leading to respiratory problems

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