FilterQueen Majestic ® Creating A Cleaner, Healthier Living Environment.
Instead of scattering pollutants, FilterQueen Majestic ® filters them out of your environment
99.98% purified clean air down to 0.1 microns
(standard ULPA Filter).

  • The original Cyclonic Action that separates the dirt particles from the filters

  • Patented, Cone-Shaped Filters

  • Superior Filtration (Higher than HEPA)

  • Airflow is maintained, Maximizing cleaning ability at all times

MAJESTIC serves as cleaner for your floor surfaces (Granite, Marble, Parquet, and Ceramics), Carpet, Sofa, Curtain, Spring Bed, Car, Sound System, TV, and other Furniture, to release them from dust, dirt, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites (trigger of asthma and allergy)

MEDI Filter MAJESTIC has the world best quality in filtering particles, with filter capacity up to 0,1 micron and effectiveness of 99,98% (standard of ULPA Filter).

MEDI Filter MAJESTIC is three times better than HEPA. HEPA is the standard for international filter industry, with filter capacity of 99,97% at 0,3 micron..

FACTS: 98,5% pollutants are smaller than 0,3 micron.
MAJESTIC has HEPA standard Carbon Filter that serve to filter 300 kinds of gases, toxic, fume, odor (including cigarette smoke, fume, smoked food, or chemical odor, etc).

MAJESTIC has CYCLONICACTION and CONE FILTER technology (filter in the form of cone) which has been patented, which is really effective in making the airflow keeps working without any coarse dust particle clogging.

Ability, with POWER NOZZLE that is able to remove dirt and dust particles up to 7 cm from the surface.

MAJESTIC has highly powerful motor ability, that is 30,400 RPM (Rotation per Minute) with MOTOR GUARANTEE up to 5 (five) years (conditions apply).

It is easy to use, has strong resistance / heavy duty, is durable for long-term use, and flexible for various applications.
MAJESTIC saves your time, saves your money, protects your house, protects your furniture, and protects your family health.



PRODUCT THE MAJESTIC, technical specification.

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