Major Indoor Air Pollutants and their effects according to The World Health Organization (WHO) respiratory disorders are The Leading cause of death in children & second leading cause of death after cancer among adults. A study by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that indoor pollutant levels may be 500% higher than outdoor levels.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified more than 800 types of indoor air pollutants. Some can result in severe environmental illnesses:

Debu Tungau

These eight-legged creatures live in common house dust. They feed off tiny flakes of human skin, and they breed in carpets, Curtains and furniture.

A typical mattress and bedding can contain over 2 million mites. Each dust mites live two four months and produces 20 droppings per day, Which is the major sources of “Dust” allergies. Even the cleanest homes contain Millions of these creatures.  


The primary contributor to hay fever, microscopic pollen particles comes from trees, flower and rag weed.

These tiny particles linger in the wind, blowing into homes through open doors and window; They settle on clothing and are carried indoors. Pollen can cause enormous suffering through irritation to the mucous membrane of sufferers. Many people, in fact, suffer from allergies induced by Pollen and dust, but are unaware of the cause of their suffering.


Bacteria and viruses are actually particles that linger and breed in house holder air and surfaces. They cause common colds and flu, and even more serious Disease, like tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.  Bacteria is threat to everyone.


In The Pollen family, mold, mildew and fungus grow in dark, damp places. These growths create spores, which linger in the air, triggering allergies. Mold commonly appears on bathroom tiles, humidifier pans, air conditioners, painted or wallpapered walls and wood or linoleum floors.

MOLD spora
PET bulu

This is a hidden danger to many family members, who may be unaware. That their sneezing, congestion and even asthma is being cause by their Beloved pet. Its actually the tiny flakes of dead skin, or pet dander, That causes the allergic reaction. The flakes can linger in the air, but often nestle into carpets and furniture, creating unknown long-term problems.


Your chance of contracting a serious respiratory disease is significantly escalated. Tobacco Smoke contains literally hundreds of gases and chemical which can not only trigger allergies, but are known carcinogens. The American Lung Association estimates that second hand smoke is responsible for about 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

New findings from the ALA show that exposure to tobacco smokes increase the risk of serious respiratory disease during the first two years of child’s life. As many as 15,000 children under 18 months are hospitalized annually due to lower respiratory tract infections.

Asap tembakau
GAS, racun & BAU

The average home contains 45 aerosol products. Aerosol particles, which carry many toxic compounds, are often small enough to pass by the lungs defenses.

Common household products, like cleaning products, paints, dry cleaned clothing and even air freshening sprays, contain hazardous chemicals like benzene, ozone and chloroform. Long-term inhalation of these hazardous toxins can result in serious medical problems. The problem is that many people experience symptoms from exposure to these gases – headaches, dizziness, stomach pain and nausea – but attribute it to other causes, leaving the real culprits unidentified and unresolved.


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