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  • Kompas 7 Juni 1996.
    Jakarta air is slowly killing its citizens.
  • Kompas, 1 Oktober 1997.
    Smoke Pollution Disturb Heart Function.
  • Kompas 14 Mei 1997.
    Pollution in Bandung exceeds the threshold
  • Kompas, 25 Maret 2002.
    Air Pollution Generates Lung Cancer
  • Kompas 27 Mei 2003.
    Jakarta air is increasingly unhealthy, the worst is in Gelora Bung Karno, Casablanca, and Pondok Indah.
  • Kompas 7 Mei 2004.
    Jakarta is threatened by blood cancer.
  • Kompas, 25 Juni 2007.
    Air Pollution Generates Cervical Cancer.
  • Detik Health, 29 Juli 2010.
    Air Pollution Endangers Unborn Baby’s IQ.
  • Detik Health, 30 September 2010.
    Air Pollution Can Generate Diabetes.
  • Detik Health, 8 Oktober 2010.
    Vehicular Pollution Generates Breast Cancer.
  • Tabloid Rumah, Mei 2009.
    Dioxin, a substance that may cause cancer,
    gets into the body through the heating of electronic devices.
  • Tabloid Rumah, Mei 2009.
    Bacteria Legionella as the cause of flu, fever, and pneumonia, are generated from the Air Conditioner.
  • Tabloid Rumah, Mei 2009.
    Various house wares expose heavy metal and toxic such as formaldehyde, chlorine, arsenic, tin, and mercury as the cause of respiratory problems, such as cough, cancer, and disability.
  • Fine dust particles float in the air for about 120 days.
  • We breathe 22.000 tines a day, and every time we breathe, we inhale 40,000 up to 75.000 dust particles; the level of pollution in a house may be 2-5 times, and sometimes it reached 100 times higher than the pollution outside (Environmental Protection Agency 2010).
  • EPA identified more than 800 different pollutants inside a house.
  • Asthma is a deadly disease that mostly kills children in America.
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation, headache, cold, dizziness, and fatigue, are the immediate impact of air pollution in the room.
  • Ionizer has been prohibited to use in California, America, because it generates ozone, a dangerous chemical material, which prove to be bad for health.
  • The level of unfiltered allergens (that comes back to the air) are: water system vacuum is 100% unfiltered, dust bag system vacuum is 30% unfiltered, and HEPA filter vacuum is 10% unfiltered.


  • After five years of usage, the weigh of a spring bed will increase as much as 30% as the result of the accumulation of dust, dead skin, sweat, and dust mites.
  • 10% of the pillow weight at the age of 2 years, usually contains died dust mites and their feces.
  • spring bed that you use usually contains 100,000 dust mites which are the cause of asthma and allergy.

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