7 Mistakes When Choosing Vacuum Cleaner Products


  1. Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction
    Generally, people think that the power to clean comes from the strong suction. In fact, the cleaner power is the airflow. It has been proved by the fact that while the suction is powerful, dust bag system vacuum ability will decrease after 15-20 minutes of usage. It is because bigger dusts block the pores of the dust bag and makes the vacuum no longer able to hold pollutants effectively, or, it loses the power.

  2. Vacuum Cleaner With Paper / Filter Dust Bag
    Vacuum cleaner with paper / filter dust bag has closer pores in order that not much pollutant gets back into the air. However, the problem is the closer the pores of the dust bag the easier it is blocked by bigger particles. When the vacuum pores are clogged, the airflow will decrease drastically that makes it no longer able to hold pollutant from the surface after 15-20 of its usage.

    HEPA Filter

  3. Vacuum Cleaner With Cloth Dust Bag
    Vacuum cleaner with dust bag made from clothes has more open pores on its dust bag that prevent the dust bag from being clogged by pollutant. The main problem is that the more particles that are smaller than vacuum pores, the easier they are released to the air, such as bacteria, fungi, microbe, dust mite, and allergens.

    HEPA Filter

  4. Water Vacuum Cleaner
    The efficiency of vacuum cleaner that uses water as filter cannot be clearly measured because not all particles, gas, smoke, and odor are filtered by water. Not all particles can dissolve in and be bound with water because of different density. Users have to change the water regularly and clean the separator after being used to prevent particles comes out to the air and causes unpleasant smell. Generally, water vacuum is noisy when it is used. In a medical report in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Vol. 91 year 1993, water vacuum proved that 100% of allergens are not filtered by water.

    Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
    This type of vacuum cleaner:
    In fact some vacuum cleaners that are DII market was concerned with health, but not all effective.
    It also includes a vacuum cleaner that uses water as a filter media.
    Research : Judith MB ChB et al, The effect of vacuum cleaners on the concentration and particle size distribution Of airbone cat allergen.
    Journal of Alergy and Clinical Immunology 1993: 91: 829 - 37

  5. Vacuum Cleaner Using HEPA Filter
    Vacuum using HEPA filter has similar process with that of dust bag made from paper, in which the pores are so close that is easy to clog by larger particles that cause the airflow decreases drastically after 15-20 minutes of its usage. This results in the losing power of the vacuum in cleaning the pollutants from the surface. HEPA filter system is not able to filter all particles and has been tested that it can only filter 99,9% of 0,3 micron. The fact is that 98,5% particles are smaller than 0,3 micron.

  6. Water + HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner
    Water-based system can only hold particles or dirt which are dissolved in water. Particles that are not soluble or bound with water, such as microbe and bacteria as the trigger of allergy and asthma will be released back to the air and may be inhaled by human. Like most of water-based system + HEPA, this system will lose its efficiency up to 80% when the HEPA filter is clogged with particles, similar to vacuum cleaner using dust bag.

    Berbasis air, TIDAK menyaring semua partikel

  7. Wet and Dry System of Vacuum
    This vacuum usually uses water and dust bag that have been explained previously. The additional function is that it can suck water and wash. However, the fact shows that 95% media which are going to be cleaned is dry surfaces such as carpet, sofa, spring bed, floor, and curtain. This additional function is rarely used because it needs longer time to dry it. It smells bad when it is not fully dry, or damp. Moreover, it will leave a water marks in the inside of the sponge, carpet, or spring bed.


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