7 Mistakes When Choosing Air Cleaner Products

  1. Air Cleaner with Plasmacluster Ion Generator
    This machine releases hydroxyl radicals (OH) to the air. OH radical is associated with several diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer. Ion generator will release negative ions to the air to capture positive ions which often attach to particles on wall, curtains, tables, and floor around the air purifier.

  2. HEPA or HEPA-Type Air Cleaner
    Not all filters are true HEPA. HEPA filter or HEPA-type is low-quality filter with the efficiency level of 25% to 85% compared to TRUE HEPA, which has filtration level of 0,3 micron with efficiency of 99,97%. However, consumers are made to believe that they bought HEPA filter – indeed, they have bought HEPA type. The outer package of the original products state that they are HEPA filter (it is not wrong, but these purifiers are not true HEPA filter). The fact is that 98,5% of particles are smaller than 0,3 micron (standard of TRUE HEPA).

  3. Air Cleaner with Ozonizer
    Ozone is used for oxidizing particles and chemical compounds in the air. However, this gas becomes hazardous contaminant when it is directly inhaled by human (it has been prohibited by the US EPA and Singapore National Environmental Agency).

  4. Ultraviolet Air Cleaner
    This is a technology that uses ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA of microorganisms, such as bacteria and virus. Nevertheless, it does not remove gases and particles in the air. Remainders of bacteria and fungi which have been killed by the ultraviolet radiations can be re-circulated to the air.

  5. Ion Air Cleaner
    Its main function is not to clean the air, but to release negative ions that serve for health. Negative ions will attach particles in the air. However, this technology does not remove chemical compounds and often attach to particles on the wall, curtain, table, and floor around the air purifier. There is no standard test and the efficiency is very low. It produces ozone that is hazardous for our health.

  6. Electrostatic Air Cleaner
    This filter works using electrically charged plat. The filter is washable but the efficiency is low. It generates ozone that risks our health. This filter also produces splashing sounds when it works. It should not be used by asthma and allergy sufferers because it cannot infiltrate gases and chemical compounds indoor.

  7. Air Cleaner with Ion Freezer
    This technology is almost similar with electrostatic technology that used electrically charged plate to hold particles in the air.  The ability is not so big that the air condition is not significantly different with the air containing particles.


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